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Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream.

2 comments September 14th, 2009

If you receiver the error “Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream” when accessing “Search Settings” in the SSP, the following steps will resolve the issue. The issue is a result of an incorrect self-serving-certificate.

1. Install the IIS 6.0 Resource Kit on the index server (

2. Assign a new SSL certificate to the Office SharePoint Server Web Services site on the index server using the SELFSSL tool from the resource kit.

SELFSSL.EXE /S:951338967 /K:1024 /V:1825 /P:56738

The /S and /P parameters specify the web site ID and port number, respectively, of the Office SharePoint Server Web Services site in IIS. They should be set to the appropriate values for your environment.

Restore SSP using STSADM

13 comments September 3rd, 2009

1. Backup the SSP databases, and restore them to the new SQL server if you
are moving them, if not skip this step.

2. Run this command to re-add MySites:

STSADM -o createweb -url http://MySite_URL_Here -sitetemplate SPSMSITEHOST -title MySite_Name

3. Run this command to re-add the SSP:

STSADM -o restoressp -title Name_of_your_SSP_Here -url http://SSP_URL_Here:PORT_NUMBER_HERE -ssplogin DOMAIN\Username -mysiteurl http://MySite_URL_Here:PORT_NUMBER_HERE -indexserver NAME_of_INDEX_Server_Here -indexlocation "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\12.0\Data\Office Server\Applications" -keepindex -sspdatabaseserver SQL_Server_Name_Here -sspdatabasename SSP_Database_Name_Here -searchdatabaseserver SQL_Server_Name_Here -searchdatabasename SSP_Search_Database_Name_Here -ssppassword password -ssl no

4. You shouldn’t need to run this, but I included it in case the SSP doesn’t
work properly after restoring it (Has helped me before):

STSADM -o editssp -title Name_of_your_SSP_Here -url http://SSP_URL_Here

Useful SharePoint Tools

11 comments September 2nd, 2009

These are some of the tools I have personally used and have had great success with in the realm of SharePoint Administration.   

SharePoint Manager 2007:

SPS Report:


SharePoint Access Checker WebPart:

PowerShell Scripts:

Item Level Permissions for Document Libraries:

User/Group Specific Item Level Permissions for List Libraries:

Reveal SharePoint “Limited Access” Permissions

Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit v4.0:



For installation instructions, see:

Installing the SharePoint Administration Toolkit (Office SharePoint Server):

For more detailed information about the SharePoint Administration Toolkit, see following documentation on TechNet:

SharePoint Administration Toolkit (Office SharePoint Server):

Pay 3rd Party Tools:

AvePoint DocAve:




New Features in SharePoint 2010

No comments September 2nd, 2009

SharePoint 2010 Feature Highlights: 

  • New User Interface including new Ribbon
  • Web Edit
  • Silverlight Web Part
  • Rich Theming
  • Browser support for Safari, Firefox and IE
  • Visio Services
  • SharePoint Designer enhancements
  • Business Connectivity Services (BDC evolution)
  • SharePoint Workspaces (formerly Groove) or offline libraries
  • Richer Media Support

SharePoint 2010 Admin Improvements:

  • New SA user interface, with a ribbon based interface
  • Best practices analyzer fix performance issue and configuration issues
  • Usage Reporting and Logging analytics much richer..
  • Large list resource throttling
  • Unattached Content Database Recovery via admin UI
  • Visual Upgrade 

SharePoint 2010 Developer Improvements:

  • Visual Studio SharePoint Tools
  • Better deployment, BCS Entity creation support
  • TFS support, automated build, CI etc.
  • LINQ for SharePoint  – no more CAML…
  • Developer Dashboard
  • Any page can be enabled to debug or trace all the SPRequest object  activity
  • Client Object Model (OM)
  • New API for SP 2010 to write custom client based apps (rich UI) against SP lists and data
  • JavaScript,  .NET , or Silverlight code is supported
  • Silverlight Web Part