New Features in SharePoint 2010

Add a comment September 2nd, 2009

SharePoint 2010 Feature Highlights: 

  • New User Interface including new Ribbon
  • Web Edit
  • Silverlight Web Part
  • Rich Theming
  • Browser support for Safari, Firefox and IE
  • Visio Services
  • SharePoint Designer enhancements
  • Business Connectivity Services (BDC evolution)
  • SharePoint Workspaces (formerly Groove) or offline libraries
  • Richer Media Support

SharePoint 2010 Admin Improvements:

  • New SA user interface, with a ribbon based interface
  • Best practices analyzer fix performance issue and configuration issues
  • Usage Reporting and Logging analytics much richer..
  • Large list resource throttling
  • Unattached Content Database Recovery via admin UI
  • Visual Upgrade 

SharePoint 2010 Developer Improvements:

  • Visual Studio SharePoint Tools
  • Better deployment, BCS Entity creation support
  • TFS support, automated build, CI etc.
  • LINQ for SharePoint  – no more CAML…
  • Developer Dashboard
  • Any page can be enabled to debug or trace all the SPRequest object  activity
  • Client Object Model (OM)
  • New API for SP 2010 to write custom client based apps (rich UI) against SP lists and data
  • JavaScript,  .NET , or Silverlight code is supported
  • Silverlight Web Part
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