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Check out an awesome new SharePoint site with more SharePoint information than any other site on the web: (NBSP) was started in December of 2010 by combining the resources of three existing sites:, and SharePoint Our mission is to be the world’s largest SharePoint Community, open to every level of SharePoint user.  By combining sites that are already highly visible in the SharePoint Community, we hope to become a central repository of real world Sharepoint knowledge. NBSP includes the SharePoint Community Calendar, an aggregated list of SharePoint User Groups, Q&A forums and constantly updated content for all levels of SharePoint user.  Dozens of authors are commited to providing content on a daily basis to each area of the site: End User, IT Pro, Developer, Business. Content on the site is created by contributing authors as well as members of the SharePoint Community.  All members of the SharePoint Community are encouraged to submit articles, no matter what their level of expertise.

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