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Add a comment January 9th, 2011

There has been several times now that I’ve had the need to install SharePoint 2010 where there was no available internet connection.  The internet is everywhere right??  Well, not really.  There are testing environments, classified networks, and probably more that I can’t think of right now that are unable toconnect.  Installing SharePoint 2010 becomes pretty impossible if you don’t already have the necessary files handy.  Even if you do, you’ve got to install them one by one, who does that anymore right?  I put together an .ISO file with all the necessary prerequisite files and scripts to install SharePoint without an internet connection, download it here and follow the simple preparation instructions below.

  1. Download the SP2010_PreReq.iso file.
  2. Mount the ISO file to your operating system or burn them to a CD.
  3. Copy the folder named PrerequisiteInstallerFiles to the root of SharePoint 2010 RTM folder or DVD compilation.
  4. Copy the file named PrerequisiteInstaller.Arguments.txt to the root of SharePoint 2010 RTM folder or DVD compilation.
  5. Modify the paths within the file named Prereq_SP2010.cmd to point to the PrerequisiteInstallerFiles folder.
  6. Execute Prereq_SP2010.cmd.
  7. Once the above is completed, you should be able to install SharePoint 2010.
  1. January 17th, 2011 at 08:59 | #1

    Great idea, Jason! Thanks for putting together the download. I’ve done a few installs without internet connections in the past and I’m sure I’ll do more.

  2. January 17th, 2011 at 09:41 | #2

    @Tom Thanks…I am working on a revision to the ISO file to include PowerShell scripts to install the binaries, configure the farm, join subsequent servers, and configure the service applications. My main reason for doing this is that I just can’t stand all the GUIDs. =o)

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