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GPO to Automatically Connect SharePoint Calendars to Outlook.

10 comments February 5th, 2012

It’s relatively easy to add a SharePoint calendar to your Outlook mail client, but what if you have a lot of users, new users, and lots of calendars? Do you really want to have to tell every user where every calendar in SharePoint is and how to connect it to their Outlook? Of course not! You have other things to do, right? Why not use a GPO?? Here is how:

  1. Find the stssync URL Address for each SharePoint calendar.
    • On a PC running Outlook 2007/2010 you will need to browse to the SharePoint calendar you would like to connect to.
    • Locate and click the “Connect to Outlook” button, this will open a dialogue box confirming you would like to add the calendar to Outlook, look for the Address and notate it somewhere by highlighting it and copying it and then click cancel. Repeat this until you have notated all the Addresses for each calendar you would like to add to your GPO.
  2. Add stssync addresses into a group Group Policy for deployment.
    • Create a group policy in Group Policy Management Console (GPMC).
    • Open group policy and add Outlk12.adm admin template:
    • Available from:
    • Expand User Configuration >Administrative Templates > Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Tools | Account Settings and SharePoint.
    • Open Default SharePoint lists click on Enabled and click on Show then click on add type in a name to be displayed for your Calendar then paste the corresponding stssync address into the value field. Add each calendar to this list.

That’s pretty much it, just apply this GPO to an Organizational Unit (OU) in your domain, and whenever users login and open Outlook, SharePoint calendars specified in your GPO will be added.