MOSS 2007 Managed Form Templates Stuck Installing

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I know there are several posts on this on the internet already, but I have a lot of customers that have asked me about this lately, so I feel like there are either not enough posts out there or maybe this needs to be explained a little better.  I am not saying I will be the one to explain it “better;” however, I thought I’d try.  😉

To resolve this issue, we need to remove the features and re-add them at the farm level which means we SHOULD 😉 deactivate it on every site collection in the farm first; however, you could force the removal of the feature which SHOULD be okay; however, there could be some unforeseen minor issues on some site collections.

The good thing is that because the features have static IDs, when you remove them from the farm level using -force command, the content DBs believe the feature is still there and is activated, but it won’t work if a user attempts to use it while the feature is uninstalled at the farm level.

The first thing we again, SHOULD do, is figure out what all of your site collection URLs are, you will need to run the following command for every web application and pipe that to a text file:

  • [highlight]stsadm.exe -o enumsites -url http://url >C:\enumsites.txt[/highlight]

Once you have compiled a list of URLs of all your site collections, you can create a batch file using the commands below to deactivate the features on all site collections in the farm.

The following command will do deactivate Collect Signatures Workflow (CollectSignatures_Sign_1033.xsn, CS_OOB_WrapItUp.xsn):

  • [highlight]stsadm -o deactivatefeature -id 6C09612B-46AF-4B2F-8DFC-59185C962A29 –url <url_to_site_collection> -force[/highlight]

The following command will do deactivate the Translation Workflow (Xlate_Complete_1033.xsn, Xlate_Init_1033.xsn):

  • [highlight]stsadm -o deactivatefeature -id C6561405-EA03-40A9-A57F-F25472942A22 -url  <url_to_site_collection> -force[/highlight]

Once they are both deactivated on all site collections, you can run the command to uninstall the features, if you run the command WITHOUT the -force switch and a site collection still has the feature activated, you would receive this error:

The feature with ID ‘c6561405-ea03-40a9-a57f-f25472942a22’ is still activated within this farm or stand alone installation. Deactivate this feature in the various locations where it is activated or use -force to force uninstallation of this feature.

The command to uninstall the feature at the farm level is:

Remove Collect Signatures Workflow (CollectSignatures_Sign_1033.xsn, CS_OOB_WrapItUp.xsn):

  • [highlight]stsadm -o uninstallfeature -id 6C09612B-46AF-4B2F-8DFC-59185C962A29[/highlight]

Remove Translation Workflow (Xlate_Complete_1033.xsn, Xlate_Init_1033.xsn):

  • [highlight]stsadm -o uninstallfeature -id C6561405-EA03-40A9-A57F-F25472942A22[/highlight]

You can add -force to the end of the above commands if you choose to force the uninstall while the features are activated on the site collections.

The successful execution of the above commands should result in the above mentioned feature names no longer appearing in Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Form Templates.

Once you have verified that, we then need to re-install the features, use the following commands to do that:

  • [highlight]stsadm -o installfeature -name TranslationWorkflow[/highlight]

After you have run the above command, you should see in Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Form Templates that following .xsn files have been added:

  • Xlate_Complete_1033.xsn
  • Xlate_Inti_1033.xsn
  • Xlate_OOB_WrapItUp_1033.xsn (notice that one wasn’t there originally)

Next, run the following command:

  • [highlight]stsadm -o installfeature -name SignaturesWorkflow[/highlight]

You should now see the following .xsn files have been added:

  • CollectSignatures_Sign_1033.xsn
  • CS_OOB_WrapItUp.xsn (replaces Xlate_OOB_WrapItUp_1033.xsn)

Xlate_OOB_WrapItUp_1033.xsn should now have been removed from the list and you should be left with the same 4 .xsn files you had before and will hopefully be in the “Ready” status:

  • CollectSignatures_Sign_1033.xsn
  • CS_OOB_WrapItUp.xsn
  • Xlate_Complete_1033.xsn
  • Xlate_Inti_1033.xsn

An anomaly I ran across while testing this is that for some reason the CS_OOB_WrapItUp.xsn file wasn’t re-added to the list of templates and Xlate_OOB_WrapItUp_1033.xsn remained there.  If that happens when you follow this procedure, simply remove the Collect Signatures feature again and re-add it, it should then appear in the list. So basically, run these commands again:

  • [highlight]stsadm -o uninstallfeature -id 6C09612B-46AF-4B2F-8DFC-59185C962A29[/highlight] (use –force if you want)
  • [highlight]stsadm -o installfeature -name SignaturesWorkflow[/highlight]
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