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SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Updates

No comments May 25th, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Updates have always been a little hard to keep up with, by the time you update, you’re already behind. So the only point of this post is really so that I can point people to a URL that I can remember that has all of them in one place, with version numbers and release dates.  So here they are starting from newest to oldest…

CU TitleApplicationKB#VersionReleased
April 2011SPS2010251280014.0.5138.5001April 28, 2011
April 2011SP Foundation251280414.0.5138.5001April 28, 2011
February 2011SPS 2010247587814.0.5136.5002March 3, 2011
February 2011SP Foundation247588014.0.5136.5002 March 3, 2011
December 2010SPS 2010245925714.0.5130.5002December 31, 2010
December 2010SP Foundation245912514.0.5130.5002December 31, 2010
October 2010SPS 2010239432014.0.5128.5000October 26, 2010
October 2010SP Foundation239432314.0.5128.5000October 26, 2010
August 2010SPS 2010235234214.0.5123.5000August 31, 2010
August 2010SP Foundation235234614.0.5123.5000August 31, 2010
June 2010
June 2010
June 2010
June 2010
June 2010
SPS2010 (No Consolidation)983497
June 29, 2010
June 2010SP Foundation202856814.0.5114.5000June 29, 2010

First post from my Windows Phone 7 WordPress App.

No comments January 3rd, 2011

This WordPress App seems to be working pretty great compared to the ones for iPhone and Android. It has more features, better performance and is less buggy. If you have an awesome Windows Phone 7 and a WordPress blog, you know what you should be doing right after you read this post! ;o)  If you don’t want to take my word about how great it really is, I suppose you could checkout the link below. =o)

WordPress for Windows Phone 7

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

Install and Configure Microsoft Network Load Balancing on Windows 2008.

No comments December 29th, 2010

I’m always being asked about Microsoft Network Load Balancing, so I figured I would document the steps.  While there are many ways NLB can be configured, this is just a base configuration that can be expanded upon. 

The following steps will need to be performed on ALL NODES that will reside within the NLB Cluster. 

Open Server Manager, you can open this several different ways in Windows Server 2008. Probably the quickest way to open Server Manager is to right click “My Computer” and choose “Manage”, another way is open “Control Panel” go to “Program and Features” and select “Turn Windows features on or off”. A third way to open it is “Server Manager” option under Administrative Tools. 

  1. Select Features from the Server Manager menu on the left.
  2. Press Add Features.

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New SharePoint Video

No comments August 16th, 2009

This is probably the video that should have been released years ago…this video can assist you or someone you are working with to understand what exactly SharePoint is, and how it can help organize the everyday frustration of collaboration into pure productivity. 

Get Microsoft Silverlight